RPAS Services

Should you be unsure of your requirements, Volo provide consultancy services and can provide subject matter experts on the civilian use of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) and help you through the regulatory process as laid down by the UK CAA and other regulatory bodies.
This service suits:

  • Individual photographers extending their services with professional aerial photography
  • Civilian organisations implementing RPAS into their process. ¬†For example surveyors or engineers.
  • Emergency services or military around the world

Volo can provide tailor made operations manuals, risk assessments, Standard Operating Procedures and safety instructions which all meet CAP 393, 658 and 722, as required by UK CAA. Using Volo to produce these documents you can be assured that they will meet the necessary standards. We can save you time, finance and resources, as we have the skills and experience to provide these documents in a timely and accurate and cost effective manner, knowing that they will meet the regulatory requirements.
As project managers Volo can quickly bring together the various strands required to produce a successful project on behalf of the client, again saving time effort and money.

Adhere to regulations

Volo provides a professional service and where possible adheres to published regulations provided by such organisations as UK CAA, UAE GCAA, ICAO TrainAir Plus & IATA. These organisations not only regulate the operational use of RPA but also cover the standards of training delivery that can be expected from our staff.