Aerial images for Marketing and PR

We can provide exceptional HD quality video and images from the air with a fast response aerial imagery service for any type of marketing and PR activity.

Whether it is images for brochures, scenes for corporate videos or capturing a live event from the air, Volo can help you create captivating and unusual content within a budget that suits you.

At Volo we are dedicated to customer service and support and will always put the customer at the heart of our operations.  The Volo team have many years of experience using remotely piloted aircraft and the client can be assured that all operations are carried safely and professionally.  The pilot has the final word, no exceptions!

HD video or images from the air

The end product of the flight can be provided in various ways and true high definition video and/or high resolution stills can be downloaded and saved to various media.  If necessary the client can observe real time video for survey purposes, on high resolution screens.  All payloads are gyro-stabilised with 360° performance, with video downlink.  On completion of the assignment the crew will complete all necessary logs and paperwork.  On completion of fees all media will be released to the client.

How we work onsite

Volo provides a full on-site service. On accepting your assignment we will establish communications with the client project lead and ask some relevant technical questions as well as answering any questions posed by the client.  We will then give preliminary reconnaissance/mission dates, in agreement with you, the client.  Once on site we will agree the client’s objectives, where possible carry out ground reconnaissance for health and safety purposes.  Once a flight work zone has been agreed, the crew will commence flight operations. It is imperative that clients understand that Volo fly Remotely Piloted Aircraft in a similar manner to full sized aircraft ie safely and professionally.

Adheres to regulations

Volo provides a professional service and where possible adheres to published regulations provided by such organisations as UK CAA, UAE GCAA,  ICAO TrainAir Plus & IATA.  These organisations not only regulate the operational use of RPA but also cover the standards of training delivery that can be expected from our staff.