RPAS and aviation experts

Volo has a wealth of experience in the research, procurement and operational use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft used in the civilian sector including by the emergency services.
We also provide training and consultancy services in various aviation related specialties, with aviation training that meets ICAO, IATA and Trainair PLUS standards.

Wide range of clients

We have clients ranging from law enforcement to marketing. Internationally we have worked with policing, law enforcing, civil defence, fire, emergency services, squads, ambulance services….

Adhere to regulations

Volo provides a professional service and where possible adheres to published regulations provided by such organisations as UK CAA, UAE GCAA, ICAO TrainAir Plus & IATA. These organisations not only regulate the operational use of RPA but also cover the standards of training delivery that can be expected from our staff.


For law enforcement and emergency services departments, our staff will follow all procedures relating to the chain of custody and contamination issues as laid down by UK CoP. We can provide a fast response service providing intelligence, surveillance or reconnaissance, whatever your requirements.
We employ ex-police staff who are all used to working within evidential constraints and have enhanced security vetting and DBS clearance.